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Tuniac 130706

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2013 8:16 am
by Brett
Anyone would think in 3 months I would have done more. Most these changes really only matter to me and not end users.

Jul, 2013
-Allow editing URL
-change from cmake/nmake to cmake/vs for lib building due to cmake incorrectly making 64bit nmake projects
-lib updates

Jun, 2013
-Use name SetArt instead of GetArt
-Stop opening files twice to read art. File is only opened in CanHandle()
-Remove szSource field from art fields as it is no longer needed
-Get ML by type instead of name as name is adjustable. ... ac/130706/

Re: Tuniac 130706

Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2013 10:54 pm
by smaragdus
Hi Brett,

I finally decided to describe the problem I have had with Tuniac, it has persisted in many versions and appears in the latest release (Tuniac 1.0 Build 130706) as well. Any time I try to add a folder to music library (a folder with many sub-folders) Tuniac crashes. This happens on my x32 XP SP3 machine and on my x64 Windows 8 machine. Tuniac crashes no matter whether I install x32 or x64 version. I could not find any log file produced by Tuniac. I have no idea what causes the problem. Perhaps that the folders I try to add to library are huge, one of them consists of 200 GB of files in many sub-folders, the other one- about 400 GB. When I import a single sub-folder Tuniac does not crash but any time I try to import my 'Music' folder, which contains hundreds of sub-folders, Tuniac begins to import and crashes. Does that mean that Tuniac is not meant to import a folder containing sub-folders and I have to import all the sub-folders separately and manually?


Re: Tuniac 130706

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:25 am
by Brett
It is supposed to work.

Is you "Music" folder, simply a folder(Eg c:\music\) or is it a Windows Library(eg it contains references to 1 or more other folders)?
Either way it should work, but clearly is failing for your files.

I assume at least you have something like

C:\Music\Folder1 (200gb with many subfolders)
C:\Music\Folder2 (400gb with many subfolders)

If you add Folder1 to Tuniac it adds fine, if you add Folder2 to Tuniac it adds fine, if you add both at once it crashes?
Or does it crash when you add Folder 1 or Folder2? You may simply have 1 or more files that Tuniac crashes on. I can explain a way to find which file(s) it is if this is the issue.
Rather than size can you tell me how many files are in each?

Does you have many playlist files in the directories? Eg pls or m3u?

My library is 150gb with 9,000 files in 935 folders. All add fine in one go.

PS I think Tuniac is having issues with adding ape files in particular. Are any of your files in ape format?

Re: Tuniac 130706

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 10:31 am
by smaragdus
Thank you for you reply.

My two folders containing music files (which I try to add to Tuniac):


Any time I try to add any of these two directories Tuniac crashes (both folders cause Tuniac to crash).

D:\Music - 115 GB, 1906 Files, 191 Folders
D:\Torrents\Music - 358 GB, 19 357 Files, 1725 Folders

Yes, I have many M3U, PLS and CUE files (in fact in some of the directories there are both M3U and CUE files, in some cases there are two CUE files in one directory- 'Disc-WAV.CUE' and 'Disc-APE.CUE').

Yes, I have many APE files in my collection (it consists approximately of 50% FLAC, 30% APE, 10% MP3, 5% WV (WavPack) and 5% other (MPC, OGG, WMA, M4A).

I can export the folders' sructure into a HTML file if needed.


Re: Tuniac 130706

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 10:56 am
by Brett
Actually try 130708

I think this will fix the issue with ape files.

Also with a library as large as yours you may want to look into turning off the Media Library option "Create playlists of playlist files during import" if you do not want to spam your playlist column on the left with every pls/m3u that is in your folders.

PS. CUE files are not supported by Tuniac and will simply be ignored :(

PPS. well more a FYI. pls/m3u files will increase the time taken to add files when you add a directory containing them. The files will get added, then the pls/m3u will be read and the files it contains will attempt to be added but due to doubles will be skipped.
The addition check caused by the pls/m3u takes a moment. Now I think about it I will add an option to not attempt import of pls/m3u files.

Re: Tuniac 130706

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:46 am
by Brett
OK so 130708b new features round up:

-On intial import do not check for doubles unless imported a playlist or multiple library folders.
-On intial import simple increment EntryID
-Sort by URL after initial import
-Remove setting "Set Date Added To File Creation Time", there is now a separate file creation column
-Add setting "Skip playlist files during import" so playlist files will be ignored if found during import
-fix std_infomanager referencing invalid objects

Re: Tuniac 130706

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:52 am
by smaragdus
Thank you for the immediate fix. I installed Tuniac_Setup_130708a and I was able to import D:\Music directory to Tuniac but when I tried to Import D:\Torrents\Music, Tuniac crashed again. I installed x32 version because x64 does not support some plug-ins. By the way it's obvious that Tuniac_Setup_130708a is the x32 release, Tuniac_Setup_130708a(inc 64bit)- x64, but what is Tuniac_Setup_130708a(exclude)?

Re: Tuniac 130706

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 12:05 pm
by smaragdus
By the way, have you thought of adding support for Cue Sheets? At least for me Cue files are very important since a huge portion of my audio collection consists of Audio CDs ripped into one single Flac (or Ape, or Wv) file plus a Cue file which describes it, so this Cue file helps viewing and navigating within the single Flac (Ape, Wv) file, listing the separate tracks inside it.

About the play-lists- I do not need these M3U files but since they belong to the torrents I seed I do not touch them.

In fact I cannot choose Media Library Base Folder from Tuniac options, the Browse button is inactive.

One more question- have you considered adding a kind of explorer panel to Tuniac- browse a folder and open/load/play its contents?

I hope I am not wasting your time.

Re: Tuniac 130706

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 12:14 pm
by Brett
For D:\Torrents\Music we need to pin point what files is making it crash.
The best way to do this is to:
Create 2 new folders eg D:\Torrents\Music\1 and D:\Torrents\Music\2
Highlight half your folders, right click and cut, paste in folder 1.
Highlight second half and cut/paste into folder 2.

Cut/paste is very quick even with a large amount of files so long as the cut/paste was to/from the same drive.

Try to add 1 OR 2 to Tuniac and if only one of the two fails, eg Folder 1 crashes Tuniac.
Create 2 more folders, eg D:\Torrents\Music\1\1 and D:\Torrents\Music\1\2, half the files again and attempt to add D:\Torrents\Music\1\1 etc.

Eventually you will keep halving your files until you have isolated the problem to single files with issues.

With 20,000 Files you will drill down like this:

As the number gets smaller and smaller the import/crash time will get drastically faster.

exclude does not include 64bit, SVP visual, help guide, installer download helper(to get xaudio and vc redist etc).
It should be suitable as an "upgrade" to an existing 32bit install. But the full installer is always preferred. These days download sizes are not as important.

Re: Tuniac 130706

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 12:24 pm
by Brett
I have thought about cue sheets and other users have requested.
I personally do not use them, but do know what they are and understand their use.

As I do not use them, it is unlikely I would add support for them. The feature would require a fair bit of work to integrate correctly. Eg parsing the cue file and then splitting a single file in the ML etc.
Tuniac is open source and if anyone else was willing to spend the time to code it, it would be appreciated.

The Base Folder feature does not exist. Other than the button there is no code for the feature. The button is there as a placeholder for a feature that is unlikely to ever exist.

For an explorer view, I am unlikely to use such a feature myself, so unlikely to add. :)