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Tuniac 130118

Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2013 11:29 am
by Brett
Jan, 2013
-fix issue with installer not grabbing xaudio when needed correctly
-auto skip streams only on shuffle and for ML playlist
-add MMShellHook_Plugin.dll and MMShellHookHelper.exe for globally hooking multimedia keys; update setup scripts to suit
-fix and standardize volume events from hotkeys and other; add mute control
-support more media keys, eg VK_MEDIA_TRACK_NEXT,
-initialize plugins after creation of main window so plugins have full access from startup
-General plugin API clarity; GetMainWindow to GetPluginWindow, SetHelper before CreateThread; bump version to 0.4
-remove redundent pluginvariable.h files from general plugin directories ... ac/130118/