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Tuniac 100825

Posted: Mon Aug 30, 2010 9:33 am
by Brett
Belate release but its about time to release something.

Aug, 2010
-streams will update length, sample rate and channels in ml
-shoutcast streams where the server gives details will update the bitrate
-m3u importer can now import track title(note playlist title feilds are only used for streams not local files where a infomanager will likely get that info from the file itself)
-swap what feilds are title and artist. Now title is the name of the station and artist is the name of the current song.
-fix/update how title artist and comment will be filled out when the stream is unknown and/or unnamed
-preference under Media Library for if playlists will add only the first stream or all streams
-if add single stream is enabled and adding a stream only the auto playlist "Streams" will be created. If disabled, "Streams" as well as the playlist name with its actual files will be created.
-if auto playlist create is off it will only ever create "Streams"
-lots of minor internal changes to allow passing of extra info between decoders and tuniac ML etc.. ... ac/100825/